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The Camp Kids

Sharing and Caring Towards Transformation

Morning Session w/ the camp kids #CAMPASIA @Tibby's Farm led by: Atty. Angelo Valencia and Jones Delos Reyes wherein the students individually introduced themselves to share their hopes and dreams for a better future of each one, their family, the country and preserving our nature. As part of their activities the kids are grouped accordingly to brainstorm and to write down their plans & commitments for a sustainable future and later on presented to everyone. It was truly an inspiring and motivating day at the farm. Afterwards the students get to enjoy the areas of the farm, greet the animals and feed them. Lastly good food was served. Everyone left w/ a smile on their faces and a strong will to do what they have imagined.

The Center for Asian Mission for the Poor Asia (CAMP ASIA) Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit NGO duly organized and existing under the laws of the Philippines, with principal address at Lot A2 Upper Quarry, Barangay Minuyan Proper, Towerville, City of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, and implementing projects in livelihood, education, and public health in Towerville relocation sites. Livelihood program’s goal is to promote inclusive and sustainable economic opportunities in Towerville Community by empowering people and encouraging entrepreneurship through establishment of community managed social enterprises.

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