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Oplan Pultak Para Sa Mt. Pulag

We Rise TOGETHER - the Pulag Story 2011 - 2019

Change the World with Them for Them by Them!

WE RISE By Gemma Bulos

A look back in 2011 - was just a single drop of water seeking the courage to transform deeply understanding that should not be where I am and was but hoping to go where my heart was telling me to go, was fortunate to be joined by Kindred too numerous to mention seeking communities, Outlier Individuals, to do our share in their Struggle and in a way, as for me and maybe for them as well to attain Redemption.

After numerous journeys, up north down south, into the concrete jungles to the western shores and in between places where the road ends and where the streets have no names --- proud and confident to say have attained my Redemption and its indeed time to prepare for Home, a place to grow old and bald with Family and Loved Ones.

Just this morning, a childhood friend of mine whom after 35 years was fortunate to see last January 2 passed away unexpectedly, life is indeed short, we have to live it the way we love it, grounded yet soaring, fun yet meaningful, personal and community life traversing and complementing, seeking significance rather than success, the Way of the Rather.

To those whom I was fortunate to share these journeys the past 5 years, thank you, thank you very much you have enriched my life, helped me attain Redemption and for that eternally grateful.

Sill your Mind and you'll shall find your Liberty Its when we learn to give expecting nothing in return That we live our legacy !

Angelo Q. Valencia aka Kuya Pultak Oplan Pultak Para Sa Mt. Pulag

aka Abu Ungas Klasrums ng Pag-Asa a Social Enterprise May 2011- May 2016

We are GRiT Grounded by Experience Driven by Passion The Grit Factory

From the Concrete Jungles to Countryside, a 130 week winding-up program has begun in earnest.

Ritu Ghatourey said that “Knowing when to walk away is Wisdom. Being able to is Courage. Walking away with Grace, and your held head high is Dignity.” Mind you it was never about giving up, its walking away from something good to embrace the great that can be had with Family and Loved Ones.

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