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NC1 Training @ Tibby's Farm

Farm Team, Dumagats & the Igorot, all together aiming for the National Certificate 1 - Agricultural Crops Production

To have here the Kalanguyas of Kabayan, Benguet, the Ibalois of Tublay, Benguet, the Ilokanos of Benito Soliven, Isabela, the Taal FisherFolk of Batangas, the Farm Tourism Enthusiast of Angeles, Pampanga with the Dumagats of Dinapigue, Isabela being trained for NC1 Certification is a Dream Come True for Tibby’s Farm.

Thank you Sen Cynthia Villar (Rhaegee Tamana) for making it happen.

#TiBBYsFarm, an #EAT Community under Community Sustainability Ventures, Inc pursuing Private Initiatives for a Public Purpose thus creating shared value among various StakeHolders.

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