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Klasrum ng Pag-asa (KnP)

A wise man said "without a sense of caring, there can never be a sense of community", visiting Mt. Pulag has been a priceless experience and continues to be. Communing with nature and seeing its summit pale in comparison with inter-acting, listening and working with the people at its gateway. Hearing their dreams, knowing their hopes, we can't help but to stand with them, thats the least we could do. Thanks to the Impact Solutions, Its Friends and the Alphabet Warriors, will try to level the playing field for them. There at Mt. Pulag can be seen the most beautiful Sunrise, let it not remain simply a physical one but also a sunrise for the Pulag kids, the future that is bright so that they can be whatever they want to be.

The Kids - how we raise them in this environment is the message we sent forward in time who we are, what are values are and why we are.

Keeping #Hopes and #Dreams alive for the #Future

Helping Our People Excel in a Sustainable manner - remaining Driven, ever Resilient but cored in our Ethos, keeping Adept, adapting to challenges and adopting changes in Measured Systems for the realization of the Future we want to see for our #Community and for our #Country.

It’s all about #GRiT - Angelo Valencia

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