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Dynamic Teen

Dynamic Teen Company - Amazing Kids spearheading, nurturing and enhancing a culture of inspiration within and amongst themselves and the communities they serve with grace. They dream big but do better even more. With what they do, they bring out the best in us. A true testament to the BAYANIHAN spirit ingrained in the Filipino Culture.

~ To KB, EF and the Amazing Kids of Dynamic Teen Company, you make us feel good of Our Nation and Birthright. You are the Nation's Modern Heroes

"Heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things not for fame nor fortune but to make society become better, cognizant of the lessons learned from past, providing opportunities to those who have less in life - to even the playing field where all can go up together pulling each other up rather than dragging others down."

Seeing them up close makes you wonder that the things we normally do drastically pales in comparison to what they are providing society and these heroes are still in their tender years. Its simply A M A Z I N G !

May your tribe increase and may we ALL be infected by it, re-igniting the passion that those who have less should be given more opportunities and a fighting chance to realize that indeed there is a Filipino Dream.

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